You have questions - We have answers

Will I be charged at customs ?

  • No you will not be charged, we take care of this for you!

How long does it take for my shipment to arrive ?

  • It can take 7-14 business days, however we offer free shipping for orders over $50.00 (US) ! You can always pay a little more for expedited shipping

When do I receive my tracking number? 

  • Tracking number is typically generated when the order has shipped

I have not received my tracking number. What do I do ?

  • Contact us at We will be glad to help!

What countries do you ship to?

  • If you are on Earth, we will find you! 

I have a problem with my order, what do I do?

  • Contact . We are here for you!

How many days do I have to return? 

  • You have 14 days to return the item. Please read our return policy for terms and conditions